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Another Way of Organizing

Magaly Licolli, co-founder of Venceremos shared her experiences as a workers organizer for poultry workers in the northwest section of Arkansas. Magaly’s work at a …

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The Texas “Abortion Law”

A recent abortion law in Texas bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, and allows anyone to sue abortion providers. This law flies in the …

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Stop the Line 3 Pipeline

As working class feminists, we are obligated to fight against white supremacy and colonialism. That means standing in solidarity with indigenous peoples. Among many challenges …

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Establishing Formal Relationship of US and Pakistan Departments of Peace

Dear Friends at the Pakistan Department of Peace, It was an honor to participate in your Zoom meetings and get to know the work and …

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Moments in History for Women’s Union Victories

Throughout history, women have faced egregious discrimination and unfair treatment in comparison to their male counterparts in the workforce. Without a doubt, sexism and capitalism …

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Women and Climate Change

Recently a heat wave has occurred in America, marking temperatures of over 100 degrees (F). The effects of this heat has caused severe cases of …

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Still committed to Peace as our first priority, WREE focuses on the many social issues that prevent Peace and Prosperity for all. There are many issues that need as much support and activism from our members and friends that they can provide. Community Volunteerism is powerful.

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