Establishing Formal Relationship of US and Pakistan Departments of Peace

Dear Friends at the Pakistan Department of Peace,

It was an honor to participate in your Zoom meetings and get to know the work and accomplishments of the Pakistan Department of Peace.

Pakistan has a great role to play in the world on the issue of peace, being a nuclear power and occupying a strategic position in South Asia, near the Middle East and the nuclear powers of India and China. Just as Pakistan and the United States have a close military relationship, it is important that the Pakistan Department of Peace and the US Department of Peace, being in the ‘belly of beasts’, have a close working relationship to mitigate the military presence of our respective countries.

We thoroughly enjoyed reading your manifesto, and learned a great deal from it about the important issues of economic justice, women’s empowerment, denuclearization/demilitarization, climate action and youth. We look forward to working closely with you and participating in your webinars on these issues. We also look forward to visits by Ali Muhammad Khan and other leaders of the Pakistan Department of Peace to us in the US, and hope to have an opportunity to visit you in Pakistan.

At this historical juncture the US and China, two of the world’s biggest nuclear powers are at odds with each other. India and Pakistan, two other large nuclear nations are in conflict. And the US military is now-in, now-out of Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East creating so much destabilization and war. The role of the Pakistan Department of Peace is globally critical, so we hope together with US Department of Peace to be able to march forward with these three points:

  1. The Pakistan Department of Peace and the US Department of Peace working together to encourage other countries to establish their own Departments of Peace
  2. Then all Departments of Peace affiliating and jointly opening an office in the United Nations with consultative status;
  3. Each respective national Department of Peace leading their government to abide by their own Department of Peace Manifesto/Mission/Vision to carry on the work in their country.

Peace and Economic Justice for the whole of humanity.

Nuri Ronaghy — Co-Founder, US Department of Peace
Alan Shorb — Co-Founder, US Department of Peace

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