How Did We Lose Our Voice?

Here is where Sisterhood is truly born, and here is where we build our numbers until they are at a tsunami level, because only then will our voice be heard again.

How did we lose our voice? History tells us we were once equal partners, equal leaders, and respected for our knowledge. How did that slip through our hands?

This last year has revealed to us all how our resources and infrastructure have been neglected, (while the wealthy top 1% have succeeded in pocketing billions of dollars), to the point that any crisis can topple the “safety net” that we expected our government to deliver. Why did we expect them to deliver? Because they told us so.

It is okay to be cynical towards all our elected officials. It is not okay to do “nothing”. Change our representatives, fight “Daddy Warbucks”, get us out of this perennial War Economy, where producing bombs is a top priority and human services, housing, and transportation have no funding.

We must step out of our family group and connect with larger and larger groups. We are half of the world population with no voice on how this planet is managed. We are also the caregivers of the future and our responsibility towards all the children in the world is on our shoulders, which we fully embrace.

If ever there was a time to organize, to reach out to like-minded people, it is now. The grandiose Institutions that have locked us out of participating in the bounty of our productivity, not theirs, are now being threatened by our grumblings and our protests. Not only do we protest against their defunding our most important infrastructure projects in favor of more “profitable” ventures for them, but their use of tyranny and violence against the very people that elected them!

Check out the Resources Tab. Join us, or choose one of the many links to other organizations to join. Some of those listed have been in existence for many years and have led the fight for us.